More Art, More Music, More Gameplay

As the title suggests, we're back with more great things to show you! We've been making steady progress, not just in the gameplay but also in the art and music departments.


We've been experimenting with different environmental variations, each with their own unique feeling. A mysterious and misty blue environment, a red and hellish landscape and the dark and creepy forest that you're likely already accustomed to. We want to make sure that the environment feels varied and alive and as such we're putting in some extra work into its design.


We've also recently shared one of the tracks from Argo that showcases the audio direction that we've chosen for our game: An uncommon mix of orchestral and chiptune.


And last but not least we have some gameplay updates to share with you!
- You've probably noticed the lamp in the map showcase above. You'll be under time pressure while travelling and the lamp will indicate how much time you have left. The darker it gets, the closer your run is to its end (and the spookier everything becomes).
- Another new gameplay addition we've been working on is revising the battle system. We wanted to make it more dynamic and as such we've implemented a feature that allows you to dodge enemy attacks! Now you can jump over them or change your position to avoid taking damage. We believe that this will help make the fights way more exiting and action packed.


The easiest way to always see all of the new additions to Argo right away would be to check out our Twitter: 
There you will see all of the new art and animations, hear all of the new music and sounds and read all about our vision for Argo! And make sure to follow us for regular updates, we usually post weekly!

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