Argo Devlog 2

ARGO - A roguelike about a kid in a demon's body escaping hell

Hello dear community!
We'd like share the 2nd Argo update with you!
In the last 30 days a lot has changed.


We have added to Argo's lore.
You are a child who has landed in hell.
The only way to escape is to make a pact with a demon that also wants to escape from hell.
The demon loses some of its power, but now has the chance for freedom.

With each new update new lore snippets will be built into the game to add to the dark story.
Events will add to a dynamic experience and tell the story of the boy 'Argo'.

Changes [v0.2.0]

  • The biggest change is the combat system! This time, you have to enter combinations to perform attacks and use abilities. You can perform normal attacks by entering a random combination. The abilities are:
    • Heal
    • Shield
    • Fireball
  • You have a global cooldown, so you can't just spam attacks.
  • Enemies, bosses and the player have been rebalanced
  • First event has been added. You have to help a little boy find his teddy.
  • 7 different upgrades, 3 of which are randomly presented for you to choose from after each wave.
  • You can also collect permanent upgrades called "shards" that grant certain bonuses. If you collect all 10, you can evolve. The beast and the dream form can be chosen from.

Future Content

We are constantly working on improving Argo. We have the following features planned for the future:

  • Random events
  • More bosses and boss skills 
  • Co-op integration to die- err, I mean survive with a friend
  • Mini-Game "Soul Seal"
  • Map system
  • The skill system is being redesigned, so you can take certain skills from a pool before starting a run
  • Skill trees


We're looking forward to your feedback! It's really important to us, as it allows us to make Argo the best it can be.
But we can only do that with your help! :)

Thanks for playing, everyone!


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Sep 07, 2019

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