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A really nice game that can be finished within 30 minutes, although the typing part often made me frustrated since it won't let me send if there's an error lol.

Hey thank you for your feedback, i'm glad you liked it! 
In our new patch you can skip the typing part :)


This-- This was so cool. Especially the typing portion, also typing things out made me realize how much I misspell things rip. The premise is so interesting and unique, especially with the trap that the "classmates" laid out because it was so mundane and something I genuinely would also fall for. The music being distorted was also cool and all three of them had wonderful distinct personalities that tied down to who they were intrinsically. I genuinely feel bad for Amy, she didn't deserve the fate she had been given but then again people from those kind of stories are just average normal people who didn't deserve the fate they were given. The immersion was also very well done, especially the typing portion which sucked me into the role of Amy. Great job with this one!!!

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Wow, this was incredibly good! Everything worked perfectly, from the mood to the visuals to the music getting progressively more distorted as the chat got weirder and weirder. Also loved how the "classmates" had such distinct personalities and typing styles. The game felt like a legitimately unsettling creepypasta in VN form, and I was sufficiently spooked!

omg this was one of the best visual novels i have ever played 687/10

ooh this was so good! Actually typing over what Amy was saying was a really good tool for immersion!

Gosh this was legitimately so creepy ;; I feel extra bad for amy cause she seemed so happy to connect with old friends at first ;;

Really good job, I liked it a lot!  But yes, as Tristan stated the game ending on an image was kinda confusing. Thank you for the excellent game! 

Ok I liked this a lot however the ending screen confuses me. Are we supposed to close the game after that? It just stays there until you close the game.

Yep, the CG where you see Amy sitting at the PC from the back is the final screen. We unfortunately didn't have time for a more elaborate ending but we can hopefully update it in the near future ^^